Thursday, 13 January 2011

While Mortals Sleep Receives Mixed Reviews

While Mortals Sleep, the latest selection of Vonnegut short stories to be published posthumously, appears to have divided both critics and fans. Deidre Wengen, over at, has observed that while she eagerly went out and bought Armageddon in Retrospect (the first of Vonnegut’s posthumous titles), she’s concerned as to whether “it would have been better to stop after the first posthumous publication”. While Mortals Slee will feature six previously unpublished short stories by Vonnegut, as well as an introduction by Dave Eggers, the author of You Shall Know our Velocity.

Posthumous publications are always tricky, so it’s no wonder that fans of Vonnegut’s work, such as Wengen, have some concerns about While Mortals Sleep. Over at The National Post though, Mark Medley has named the collection of short stories as one of his ‘Most Anticipated Books of 2011’. However, Medley does suggest that he’ll “ read anything with Vonnegut’s name on it”.Given the mixed opinions about While Mortals Sleep, it’s probably best to reserve judgement until the book at least hits the shelves.

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